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FAQ Integrate Advanced & Informative Free Font Icons For WordPress Menus
Can I hide the menu title and show the icon only of menu?
Yes, you can hide menu title text from Appearances > Menus. On each menu item, on hover you will find Add Menu Icon button, click on the button and popup will appear where you can set hide menu title in disable mode from General Settings tab section.
Is this plugin compatible with all themes?
Yes, this plugin is compatible with most themes which have followed WordPress theme development standards and menu display WP Default Method.
Do I have to have HTML and CSS Knowledge?
No you don't need to have knowledge of HTML and CSS. However, general knowledge is preferred.
How do I use WP Menu Icons Lite Plugin?
Once the plugin is installed and activated, in the admin left menu section, go to Appearances > Menus. In Menus Page, create new menu and on left section you will find metabox named "WP Menu Icons Lite Settings". Enable WP Menu Icons Lite from meta box and click the Save Settings button For each menu items, hover on specific menu item and you will find "ADD MENU ICON" button, simply click on it and configure the required general settings, set pre available icon from Icon Settings, animation settings as well as some customization options are also available as per requirement.
Where can I find all of the available icons?
To find a full list of icons available, go to Appearances > Menus > create menus, enable WP Menu Icons Lite Settings. For each menu items, to add icon, hover on specific menu item and you will find ADD MENU ICON button, simply click on it. Click on Icon Settings Tab where you can find Pre Available icons sets, choose on specific font icon.
Icons Assigned not displaying on Specific menu?
In this case,please make sure that the menu displayed is default menu.If your theme is using any custom walker class then please do make sure if the custom walker class has used menu item titles i.e the_title filter hook or its own custom menu title filter hook? Please do consult with your theme author once.