Major Updated FeaturesNew Updates

Check out the unbeliveble new features available in the WP Mega Menu Pro Premium Plugin!

10 Pre Available Templates

Display your menu more beautifully designed with 10 pre available templates and skins.

5 Pre Available Tab Designs

Add vertical and horizontal tab inside mega menu section with 5 extra pre available design layouts.

Transition Effects

8 new transition effects available for mega menu display.

Pre Available Icons

Added Font Awesome Latest 5.x version icon sets, Lineraicons and Themify Advanced Pre available Icons implemented with icon picker functionality.

Feature List - WP Mega Menu Pro

A comprehensive list of features to create stunning custom mega menu for your WordPress website!

Multiple Group Mega Menu

Set multiple group mega menu with specific columns. Easily add/edit/delete group for specific menu and show widgets on a specific group.

Horizontal & Vertical Megamenu

Add several widgets column wise, configure them and create great horizontal and vertical mega menu in a easy way.

Mega Menu Or Flyout Submenu Styles

Supports Flyout as well as Mega Menu sub-menu styles to create the beautiful menu easily.

Single Group Mega Menu

Option to set single group mega menu with total 8 Columns. Add multiple widgets of your choice from
10+ custom widgets available.

100+ Customization Options

Restyle your menu using the custom theme settings, customize the style of your menus in the most effective way.

Sticky Mega Menu

You can make your menus stick to the top of the page as the user scrolls down.

Tabbed Submenus

Simply add tab block from advanced menu items. You can add horizontal and vertical tabbed mega menu.

Menu Replacement Settings

Easy replacement settings for menu display: various configuration options like search type, login , register form, custom logo image etc.

Upload Custom Icons

Choose menu icons for specific menu from font-awesome, genericon and dashicons. Or add your own custom icons.

Roles & Restrictions

Possibility to show menu items only to specific user groups, or by logged in status.

Fully Responsive & Touch friendly

Highly compatible with any “well coded” WordPress themes. Fully responsive, SEO and secure!

Advanced Custom Widgets

Organize your menu by adding any WordPress widget and 10+ custom widgets available with different layouts.

More Features

  • Mega Menu Or Flyout Submenu
  • Single/Multiple Group Megamenu Configuration New
  • Add Widget Group Wise
  • Orientation (Vertical or Horizontal)
  • Fade/Slide Transitions
  • Trigger(Click/Hover)
  • Upload Logo Image
  • Submenu Background Images (Single or Double Image with animation)
  • Add Top and Bottom Mega Menu Section
  • Menu Label ( Set different animation for each menu items separatly)
  • Menu Replacement System
    • Search Type (Megamenu/Popup/Inline)
    • Popup Login Form (Shortcode)
    • Popup Register Form (Shortcode)
    • Woocommerce Total Cart
    • Custom Logo Image(Define Width/Height)
  • Sticky Mega Menu
  • Menu Item Alignment (right/left)
  • Horizontal / Vertical Tabbed Mega Menu
  • Pre Available Menu Icons /Upload Custom Icons
    • 300+ Font Awesome
    • 160+ Genericons
    • 100+ Dashicons
    • 400+ Icomoon Icons
    • 40+ Line Icons
    • Custom Icons (Set Width/Height)
  • 10+ Pre-available Custom Widgets
  • Sub Menu Custom Featured/Image Settings
  • Custom Styling Settings
  • Set Submenu Width
  • Custom CSS
  • Active View More Button
  • 50+ Google Fonts Available
  • Fully Responsive & Touch Friendly
  • Tested in all modern browsers
The only plugin you’ll ever need to create an attractive mega menu for your WordPress website.