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Build Stunning Mega Menu Sleek mega menu organized beautifully on a horizontal/vertical plane.


What does this plugin do?
This plugin allows you to easily add widgets column wise on horizontal as well as vertical mega menu. You can choose mega menu type as single or multiple group based and set different total column according to group number. This plugin also allows you to create an advanced mega menu items as adding horizontal and vertical tabbed section.
Can this plugin be used in multiple sites?
Yes, you can use this plugin in your individual projects but not allowed to sell it bundled with themes.
Does this plugin affect the site load?
No, It will not affect the loading of the site in anyways.
Is this plugin compactible with all themes?
Yes, this plugin is compactible with all themes which have followed the wordpress theme development standards.
Do I have to pay extra for the further update of a plugin after purchase?
No, You don't have to pay you will get free updates of this plugin.
Do I have to have HTML and CSS Knowledge?
No you don't need to have knowledge of HTML and CSS unless if you want custom works other than the pre designed templates.
How do I use WP Mega Menu Pro plugin?
You just need to install this plugin first, setup default plugin's settings. Then Simply add menu from left metabox section and assign those menu to menu location. On same left section, Select WP Mega Menu Pro Settings on hover each menu where you can enable mega menu for specific menu location. Similarly, you can also use generated shortcode from shortcode tab in WP Mega Menu Pro left admin menu for any page, post, widget or template pages
Can I use same mega menu with different layout for multiple menu location?
Yes, You can use same created mega menu for multiple menu location simply by assigning specific menu to multiple menu location and enable wp mega menu pro with different setup.
The only plugin you’ll ever need to create an attractive mega menu on your WordPress website.