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WP Media Manager

The Easiest WordPress Media Manager Plugin Ever!
  • - Super enhancement in WP native media manager.
  • - Create unlimited folder hierarchy / Drag and drop folders and files.
  • - Organize your media (images / audio / video / files) inside folders.
  • - Manage media with folders and subfolders.
  • - 3 Inbuilt gallery themes : Grid, Slider/Carousel, Masonry.
  • - Order & filter by date, folder, custom weight and size options.
  • - Import files and folders from FTP server.
  • - Fully responsive, SEO friendly.
Drag and Drop Media Files and Folders
Full drag'n drop interface for organizing files, images in folders or subfolders. Even create sub folders simply by dragging source folder and dropping it to destination folder. Automatic Save Droppable data using Ajax.
WP Media Manager - Drag and Drop Media Files And Folders
Multiple Folders/Sub Folders Creation
Easily create folders and sub folders, just drag and drop folder inside specific folder to create its sub folders. Features to rename folder and delete it in case you don’t need it.
WP Media Manager - Multiple Folders Enhancement and Creation
No Coding Skills Needed!
Create multiple folders and subfolders and simply drag & drop multiple media files to specific folder.No need to touch single line of codes.
WP Media Manager - No Coding Skills Needed!
Media Files Ordering & Filtering Options
WP Media Manager - Ordering & Filtering Options
Enable filter options on WordPress default media manager. With an advanced WordPress media filtering and ordering within media library. Filter your media files by media items ( pdf, zips , documents), folder name wise as well as custom size and custom weight in both grid and table view of media library.
Add Multiple Custom Size and Weight Options
WP Media Manager - Add Custom Weight and Size Options
With Advanced feature to add your own custom weight and size simply choose specific custom options in order to list it on filter toolbar of media libary.
3 Inbuilt Responsive Gallery Beautiful Themes
Simple & beautifully designed gallery for frontend available with customization options. Showcase your gallery in the most appealing way.
  • Media Gallery Grid View Grid Set image size, columns , lightbox enhancement.
  • Media Gallery Masonry ViewMasonry Set image size, columns , lightbox enhancement.
  • Media Gallery Slider View Slider Set Transition, image size, columns, speed, pause time and many more.
Easily Duplicate Media Files
Duplciate files
Duplicate your media files with any mimetypes easily from media library itself.
Gallery Slider Shortcode From Folders
Gallery Shortcodes
Create gallery slider from dropdown folder lists. Insert gallery shortcode inside editor content automatically after choosing specific slider options as per selected folder.
Single File Design Customization Options
SIngle File Design
Display media files such as pdf files with simple customization options. Display Single PDF file with single download link layout or PDF embed features with next , previous , zoom in and zoom out options and customize the design as per requirement.
Import All Server Folders and Media
FTP Import Settings
Single or multiple folders/files import funcationlality from your server, choose whether to import only folders or both files & folders and hit the import button to add in the default WordPress media library with folder structure. Isn’t it so simple.