WP Floating Menu Pro
One Page Navigator, floating menu for WordPress
  • - 13 Beautifully pre designed theme pack.
  • - Ability to designed your own custom template.
  • - Highly customizable menu template.
  • - Easy configuration, no coding skills needed at all.
  • - Pagewise configurable floating menus.
Unilimited Menu
You can add unlimited number of menus / navigation bars in your site. There is no limit in the number of menus you can use in your site.
Pagewise Menu
You can define each individual menu to display in particular page, just select a menu / navigation bar for your page or leave one work for all.
Sortable Menu
You can sort the order of the menu item easily while creating/editing menu in the plugin.

13 pre designed beautifull themes

13 different beautifully designed menu / navigation templates to choose from. Each template in our library can be added and integrated with ease. Welcome to the beatiful floating menu building with WP floating menu Pro. Check out a preview of some of the plugin templates below.

Demo Template

One Page Navigator Menu Demo
One page feature allow you to built the single page site with inline anchor links and smooth scroll. Check out how it looks.
Subscription Popup Demo
Sticky Menu Demo
Sticky menu feature allow you to additional custom navigation. Check out our sticky menu demo.

7 different Menu Positions

7 different Menu Position to choose from. You can set the menu on either side of the screen as you need and want.
WP Flaoting Menu Pro Menu Postion

Other Features

Custom Templates
If the pre-available templates don't work good for you, create and edit one our pre build templates. You can choose among the pre-available templates and customize to your need.
Inline Navigation
You can use inline or in page navigation and create one page effect in any of the page or site. Just simply add custom link while generating menu.
Menu Icons
You can select multiple inbuilt icon options for icon. You can choose among four different menu types dashicons, gener icons, vesper icons and fontawesome icons.
Mobile View Control
You can show/hide floating menu for smaller screen version. You can configure setting to either display or don't display menu for smaller screen less than 480px.
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Please check some of our frequently asked questions about our plugin.
Can this plugin be used in multiple sites?
Yes, You can use this plugin in your individual projects but not allowed to sell it bundled with themes.
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