Does this plugin have shortcode support and generator??
Yes, this plugin provides shortcodes for specific facebook pages to display user reviews on your facebook page with different beautifully designed layouts.
Are there Pre designed templates included in the plugin?
Yes, there are altogether 3 pre available templates for badge, reviews layouts available as list, slider.
Is this plugin compatible with all themes?
Yes, this plugin is compatible with all themes which have followed the wordpress theme development standards.
How do I use WP Facebook Review Showcase?
You just need to install our plugin and then go to WP FB Review Showcase Lite admin menu > Add New Reviews and the fill the API Key from your Facebook App. After entering your App Id and App Secret, click on login button and select your page name to retrieve reviews from. Then set its specific options which will generate its shortcode. Paste the specific shortcode any page or post page you wish to display the reviews.
Can I show my Facebook Page badge along with reviews?
Yes, You can show Page information as badge with 3 pre available templates. And also display its user reviews with 3 pre designed attractive templates as well.
Does this plugin affect the site load?
No, It will not affect the loading of the site in anyways.The plugin has inbuilt caching method to prevent the frequent API calls due to which site won’t get slow. You can set up the cache period on how often the latest reviiews should be fetched from API. Fill the time in hours in which the facebook reviews should be updated.
How many fb page reviews can be created with a plugin?
You can create one FB Reviews from your account using our plugin and set different customization options for each.
Does this plugin provides widget for reviews display?
Yes you can choose page reviews created from "WP FB Review Showcase Lite" and display specific page's reveiws on widget section.