WP Comment Designer

Design WordPress Comments & Comment Form
  • - AJAX Load Comment NEW
  • - Edit Comments NEW
  • - 7 Custom Fields For Comment Form NEW
  • - 15 Attractive Templates For Comment/Comment Form
  • - Rearrangeable Comment Fields
  • - Replace Plain Comment Area With WYSIWYG Editor
Version 3.0.0

New Major Features Released

Check out the unbelievable new features with AJAX Comment Loading, File Uploader, Comment Editing/Deletion option and many more.
AJAX Load Comments NEW
Dislike page being relaoded everytime you post a comment? WP Comment Designer loads the comments section of your WordPress site using an AJAX request which helps with the page load speed
WP Comment Designer
Edit/Delete Comments NEW
Allow your clients to revise/remove their comments and values entered via the custom comment form fields
WP Comment Designer
Display Error Messages NEW
Dislike being redirected to a new page when encountered with an error? WP Comment Designer makes sure all the error messages are displayed in the same page as the comment form
WP Comment Designer
File Uploader NEW
Allow your clients to add images, documents, audios, videos and many more in the comment
WP Comment Designer
15 Pre Designed Attractive Layouts For Comments Section
Select any of the 15 pre available designs and see your comment section change instantly
WP Comment Designer
7 Advanced Custom Fields For Comment Form
Add as many fields to your comment form. Also, both default and custom fields are sortable.
  • Text Field
  • Text Area
  • Radio Button
  • Select Option
  • Check Box
  • Number
  • File Uploader
WP Comment Designer
Simple and User-Friendly Backend Design
Clean, well designed and easy to use backend interface with various configuration, display and customization options
WP Comment Designer