Major Updated Features

Check Out some of the coolest features added in our latest version.

Show/Hide Step Description
Show/Hide Back Button
ScrollToTop Onclick Next Button
Delete Form Individually
Submit Button/Custom Texts Position
Advanced Dropdown Design
Advanced Datepicker Integration
Unlimited Customization Options

10+ Beautiful Form Templates

The plugin offers 10+ pre designed form templates. You can easily create attractive forms on your WordPress website in no time - just choose your form favorite template, customize and done. Make your website more engaging with 10+ form templates.


18 New Multi Steps Tab Templates

Creating a multi steps form to improve user experience is very easy with Ultimate Form Builder. The plugin comes packed with 18 New Multi Steps Tab Templates.


Unlimited Customization Options

Customize the available form as per your custom options.


Advanced Datepicker Integration

The plugin is integrated with advanced Datepicker - you can either choose UI date picker or advanced date picker as per your requirement. Your users can easily pick a single date or range of dates using a calendar.


Advanced Auto Populate Dropdown

The plugin has the auto-populate feature to integrate for the country, state, and city in the dropdown. It improves user experience and helps them fill the form quickly and accurately.

Simple, Elegant & Beautiful Form Templates

Ultimate Form Builder comes with 10+ Pre-build Form Templates

Create Unlimited Responsive Forms

It comes with various field types. You can create unlimited forms for your website including Contact Form, Enquiry Form, Quotation Form, Registration Form, Survey Form and many more.

Single & Multi Steps Form Support

Need long forms in your website? No worries. You can break them and convert into multi steps form. The plugin support both the single and multi steps form.

Drag & Drop. No Coding Skills Required.

A Drag and Drop form builder with many form field types. Build a custom form in few clicks - just Drag and Drop the field you need, configure and you’re done.
No coding skills required.

Conditional Logic Support

You can create the form with conditional logic. The form builder supports conditional logics such as display show hide logic, email logic and redirect logic.

Form Validation

The plugin comes with inbuilt form validation to protect your web form from hackers and malicious users. Proper form validation is crucial for preventing security vulnerabilities.

Create different types of forms

Advanced Form Elements

  • HTML Elements 11
    • Single Line Text Field
    • Multiple Line Text Field
    • Email Address
    • Dropdown
    • Radio Button
    • Checkbox
    • Password
    • Hidden Field
    • Number Field
    • Submit Button
    • Captcha
  • UI Elements 5
    • DatePicker
    • Datepicker Date Range
    • Dropdown Date
    • Dropdown Date Range
    • UI Slider
  • Custom Elements 8
    • File Uploader
    • Custom Texts
    • Agreement Block
    • URL Field
    • WYSIWYG (WP Editor)
    • Countries Dropdown
    • States Dropdown
    • City Dropdown
  • Survey Elements 3
    • Star Ratings
    • Like/Dislike Thumb
    • Choice Matrix

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20+ Form Elements & Custom Fields Available
Drag & Drop Form Elements & Ordering
Form Import/Export
Form Data Import/Export
Conditional Logic Support
Email Configuration
Autorespond Email Configuration
Supports Google Captcha
Multiple Column Layout Support
Form Preview
Form Styling
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