You can use shortcode to display the team members in the contents. Optionally You can enter the id of specific team member or select the team member by category from our plugin “Total Team” post type. The team showcase will be displayed in the order with specified id parameter and its layout options.

Common available shortcode parameters :

  • Layout Type: You can choose among Grid layout, list layout, thumbnail layout, table layout, carousal layout, flipster layout or filter layout
  • Team Member to Show: Number of team member to show. Default is 99.
  • Custom Template: You can integrate Custom design in the default template. You can either choose specific id of custom template you created from “Custom Template”. Default is ‘off’.
  • Select Template: Choose among various default templates.
  • Element To Show on Grid: What element to show on front while the team member is listed. Default is ‘general’ which will list the basic info of the team member.
  • Element Per Row: Number of team member to be displayed per row. Default vary according to layout selected. For e.g. 4 element per row for grid template and so on.
  • Element Margin: Margin between two team member element.
  • Image Size: Image size for the grid layout. Select according to the default WordPress image size or image size generated by the plugin with itself.
  • Additional Detail Display Type: Additional detail can be displayed in three different type. Popup, slide-out and single page.
  • Popup Content Position: If additional detail display type selected as popup, can be selected among center, right and left.
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You can find “Total Team Widget” in the widget section. You can configure the widget to display the team members in the sidebar. You can configure the various settings in the widget options to display the team members.

Available Total Team widgets are :

  • Grid Layout
  • Thumbnail Layout
  • Carousal Layout
  • Flipster Layout

Please checkout all available widget on right side of the screen.