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FAQ Beautifully Designed Smart Scroll To Top Lite Plugin for your WordPress website.
Can this plugin be used in multiple sites?
Yes, you can use this plugin for multiple sites, but not allowed to sell it bundled with themes.
Is this plugin compatible with all themes?
Yes, this plugin is compatible with most themes which have followed the wordpress theme development standards.
Do I have to pay extra for further updates of this plugin after purchase?
No, You don't have to pay you will be getting free updates of this plugin.
Do I have to have HTML and CSS Knowledge?
No you don't need to have knowledge of HTML and CSS. However, general knowledge is preferred.
How do I use the Smart Scroll To Top Plugin?
Once the plugin is installed and activated you will find a menu named "Smart Scroll To Top" in the left menu bar of the admin menu. Once you click on that menu , you will go to the plugin's smart scroll listing page and you will also see the add new button to create new smart scroll, once you click on that button you will go to the Add smart scroll page where you can create new smart scroll element with many configuration settings. Then after save, the first smart scroll will be displayed in the Home Page. However, you can change it from General Setting.
How many scroll element can be created with a plugin?
You can create only one scroll elements to be applied through your website.