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September 13
RT @vmas: Congrats to @billieeilish for winning Video for Good!
September 13
RT @MTV: Congrats on your moon person, @trvisXX. 👏 #VMAs
September 9
Holiday 2021 is coming up faster than you think and Jordan Brand has a retro lineup with fresh twists ready to comp…
September 9
“It’s surreal to get [MJ’s] co-sign and welcome into such an elite team and family of world-class athletes.” Tailwh…
September 8
Once family, always family. Congrats to Hall of Famer, Derek Jeter. 👏
September 7
.@satou_sabally talks about early struggles learning to play basketball in the U.S., putting in the work, and her o…
September 5
With the new AJ36 launch, @jaytatum0 walks us through some big moments in his journey and what keeps him going. The…
September 3
Inspired by his magical game-play, Luka’s AJ36 logo refers directly to the deceptive nature of the Möbius strip. De…
September 3
“I feel so light and quick in the Air Jordan XXXVI. It’s very special to me that I get to wear MJ’s signature shoe…
September 2
"When I go out to speak or teach, what I’m wearing plays a huge part in how I feel.” NASA ambassador and educator…
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