Everest Google Places Reviews Lite
Best WordPress Free Plugin to showcase Google Places / Business Review
  • - Create Unlimited Google Places/Locations
  • - 2 Brilliant Badge/Header Pre Available Designs
  • - 2 Attractive Reviews Template Designs
  • - Reviews Layout - Lists
  • - Show Rate Us Link
  • - Fully Responsive
Create Unlimited Google Places / Business Locations
Create unlimited google places and business rating reviews of your business locations and show its user reviews utilizing shortcode or widget.
Create Unlimited Google Places / Locations
Display Business Information as Badge/Header Layout
Attractive 2 pre available templates available to show business information as badge layout as well as choose its ribbon design as google header layouts.
5+ Brilliant Badge / Header Pre Available Designs
2 Attractive Review Templates With Lists Layouts
Display user reviews of specific google places/ business locations with 2 best and attractive templates as list layout.
5+ Attractive Review Templates
Lists Review Layouts
  • Most of my good memories in Australia are from this wonderful university. I arrived in Melbourne with incompetent English command and knowledge, but I was able to graduate successfully from this school. Thanks to the help of university staff and professors, I could complete intellectually challengin... Read More
  • I am astonished this University has a good reputation. My wife has been actively bullied and discriminated against, and the lecturers and department managers have proven to be a group of incompetent, heartless, power-hungry individuals. After 25 years in university education, I have never seen the k... Read More
  • Splendid architecture. Left my History honours course after a month because I was not paying $10,000 to listen to rants about how backward Australia was because it lacked certain left-wing features. Glad I already had a law degree from UQ.
Auto-search Google Places / Business Location Name
Feature to search google places/ location on google map with autocomplete feasiblity.
Auto-search Google Places
Everest Google Places Reviews Lite Shortcode
Everest Google Places Reviews Lite Shortcode
Create unlimited google business location lists and get specific shortcode to display wherever you wanted to.