Berners Tavern is one of three West End restaurants Jason Atherton opened in 2013; the other two, Little Social and Social Eating House, were very well received for their playful and appealing dishes. This new venture is more of the same, but in a much grander setting.

It’s housed in the new Edition hotel in Fitzrovia, which looks like the older, more sophisticated sister of the Sanderson hotel just down the road. Both places were given makeovers by hotelier Ian Schrager, but Edition is an exercise in slick metropolitan taste, with opulent chandeliers, framed art-by-the-yard covering entire walls, and improbably elegant staff. The huge lobby bar looks fabulous; but the vast dining room, with its ornate plasterwork ceiling, very low lighting and lively bar area, looks even better. The menu’s prices are alarmingly high – but most of the dishes we tried were very good.

Established Date 2011-12-16
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Status Active
Services/Products Balthazar Bakery, located in New York City, offers a lunch menu of sandwiches, salads, soups and pastries. Menu offered by the bakery includes grilled portobello and parmesan, smoked salmon, roast turkey, grilled chicken breast and curried chicken sandwich, roasted beet, spinach and grilled chicken, seared tuna, Mediterranean and fruit salad. It also specializes in chocolate chip and shortbread cookies, coconut, chocolate and opera cake, madeleines and biscotti. Varieties of beverages offered by the bakery include cappuccino, caf latte, espresso, hot chocolate, ginger citrus tea, iced tea and fresh lemonade. Balthazar Bakery also offers catering services, and boxed breakfast and lunches for various office functions.
Payment Method Amex, Discover, Master Card, Visa
Tevatree House, Old Kent Rd, London SE1 5PA, UK
(378) 400-1234