Everest Admin Theme Lite

4 beautifully designed templates pack, 2 beautiful template design for login page, Dashboard customization, Unlimited color options, Admin menu and admin bar customization options, and more...

4 Pre-designed Beautiful
Responsive Templates
Change the backend layout of wordpress with our 4 beautiful templates.
25 pre designed templates
Customize admin bar
Customize the admin bar background color.
Drag and Drop Builder
Customize admin menu
Customize the admin menu section background color.
Drag and Drop Builder
Dashboard Customization
Here you will get options to disable the wordpress default dashboard widgets.
Drag and Drop Builder
Footer settings
Get options to hide the footer area completely or add your own custom texts as per your need.
Everest Admin Theme Lite
Login page customization
Customize the appearance of default wordpress login page form with 2 pre designed templates. Change the background of login page with background color.
Everest Admin Theme Lite

More stunning features...

No coding skills
Integrate admin theme on your site without any knowledge of coding.
Get different templates selection options for admin dashboard and login page.
Our plugin supports various mobile devices so it will be no issue to view in any desktop and mobile devices.
Custom css
Customize more with custom css
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