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Version 2.0

Easy Side Tab Pro - Responsive Floating Side Bar Plugin

The best plugin to add side tabs/bar easily in your WordPress site!
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Major Updated Features

Check Out some of the coolest features added in our latest version.

5 Elegant Template

The major update comes with 5 new template designs and some cool popup animations.

Scroll Navigation

Smoothly scroll across the page to the specified field using navigation tab feature.


Use shortcode to display group of tab on the desired page.

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WooCommerce Product Display

Easily choose among the woocommerce product category to display on the side tab.

Mailchimp List

Add new subscriber to the selected MailChimp Lists.

Subscription Mail Notification

Get notified via email whenever you gain a new subscriber.

5 New Beautifully Designed Templates
Make your website more engaging with 5 new attractive templates and cool popup animations.
5 New Beautifully Designed Templates
Scroll Navigation
Easily navigate across the page using scroll navigation tab feature. Navigate quickly to the specific field within the page without scrolling manually. Now, also comes with the additional scroll to top feature.
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Mailchimp Integrated
Now its is even easier to manage your subscribers list with the help of inbuilt Mailchimp feature integration. Just select the mailchimp list and the subscriber will be automatically added to the list. After subscription get notification about the new subscriber via email.
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Awesome Screenshots
Check out some cool snapshots of Easy Side Tab enabled pages.
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Advanced Inbuilt Components
Display 6 inbuilt components inside tab's content listed below:
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Custom Links
  • Twitter Feed
  • Recent Posts
  • Woocommerce Products
  • Social Icons
  • Subscription Form
  • External Shortcodes
Advanced Inbuilt Components
Drag & Drop. No Coding Skills Required.
Build multiple tab with many configuration options as well as drag & drop functionality for ordering each tab.
No coding skills required.
Drag & Drop. No Coding Skills Required.

Orientation & Positioning

Most Flexible and customizable horizontal / vertical tabs. For horizontal, positioned in 2 different positions (Left Middle and Right Middle) whereas for vertical, positioned in 2 different positions (Bottom Left and Bottom Right).

Left Tab

Right Tab

Bottom Left Tab

Bottom Right Tab

Five Star Reviews

Take a look at some positive testimonials received from our happy customers.
“I loved this plugin. I was looking for sidebar solution for my sites.Thank you”
“They worked well to satisfy the needs of the customers. Great service. Thank you so much.”
“Amazing little plugin. Really easy to use and super flexible.”

More advanced features...

Display Contents
The plugin comes with features to display the internal and external link, html content, twitter feed, subscription form, custom shortcode, woocommerce product, recent blog, social icons.
Animation and Transitions
10 beautifully designed templates which comes with the awesome animation effects and transitions.
Backend Preview Functionality
Feature to preview the tabs in backend - test with ease before going live.
Drag and Drop Tab For Ordering
Manage your each tab order by simple drag and drop method.
Page tab selection
Functionality to display the selected tab on the specified page or may disable tab for that page.
Enable/Disable Tab on Mobile
Enable/Disable tab on mobile devices.
Set Offset
Enbale/Disable offset for each tab position. For Left and Right tab position, set the offset from the top position whereas for bottom left and bottom right position, set the offset from left and right edge respectively.
Tab Position
Set the tab on any position you like from left middle, right middle, bottom left & bottom right.
Tab Display Format
Assign any configured tab settings to the left, right, bottom left or bottom right position .
Easily backup the tab settings of your plugin by exporting and import when required.
Allows user to subscribe to your channel from side tab and notifies via email. See the list of subscribers and easily export as csv with a single click.
Woocommerce Products & Blog Posts
Display your woocommerce products on the side tab popup. The tab also comes with the additional feature to display posts from different author.
Twitter Feed
Easily showcase your tweets from side tab popup on tab click. Enable cache settings for faster tweets loading.
Shortcode Ready
Apply shortcode from any plugins to display on your popup.
Fully Responsive
Supports various mobile devices so it will be no issue to view in any desktop and mobile devices.
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