Social Icons Pro

Link-up with your social profiles right from your website.
  • - 30+ Pre Available Font Awesome Icons Templates (NEW)
  • - Custom Tooltip Individual Customization Options (NEW)
  • - Customization Options for new templates (NEW)
  • - Duplicate/Copy Social Icon Sets (NEW)
  • - 10+ Pre Available PNG Templates
  • - 10+ New Pre Available SVG Icons Templates
  • - Create, customize and build beautiful multiple social icons
  • - Beautiful Social Sidebar & Positions
Accesspress Social Icons Pro 300+ Sales

Accesspress Social Icons Pro is a Premium WordPress Plugin that allows you to create various social icons and link your social profiles from your website!

Accesspress Social Icons Pro templates
Version 2.0
New Major Features Released

Check out the unbelievable new features.

  • 30+ New Social Icon Font Awesome Templates
  • Duplicate Already Created Social Icon Sets
  • Set Tooltip Background Color and font color for each social icons individually
  • Customize options for pre available font awesome templates
30+ New Social Icon (Font Awesome) Templates NEW
A total of 40 beautiful templates using font awesome icon sets. Display your social icons using any of the 40 different beautiful responsive templates.
Accesspress Social Icons Pro  templates
Beautifully designed 14 Pre Available SVG Icons Templates
A total of 14 beautiful templates. Highly Quality SVG Icon Sets, make your icon retina ready!
Accesspress Social Icons Pro - SVG templates
Beautifully designed 16 PNG Icon Sets Templates
A total of 16 beautiful templates.
Accesspress Social Icons Pro - PNG templates
5 Christmas Icon Sets
Total of 5 Christmas Icon sets available.
Accesspress Social Icons Pro templates