Version 5.0 Major Features & 19 New Templates Added

Check out the amazing new features with 19 New Available Templates beautifully designed with extra feature to display IGTV videos and enable social share options on Custom Lightbox Popup and show your instagram feeds more attractive than ever!

  • Grid - 9 Pre Designed Layouts
  • Slider - 6 Pre Designed Layouts
  • Timeline - 4 Pre Designed Layouts

Side By Side Timeline Layout

Display Your instagram feeds with this new timeline layout anywhere in your site.

Classic Maddie👻! And for the first time ever we’ve created and NFT of our work, link is in my bio⁣ ⁣ It’s a 3 day auction with a declining
1 month ago
I’ve been eating keto and haven’t had sugar for a month but the speckled dog always makes me get twinkies on road trips 🧁⁣ ⁣ And! If you’
1 month ago
We like to have a good time at Sunday bfast ✨
2 weeks ago
Maddies yearly winter jacket photo ☃️
1 week ago
The cabin is all cozy and dialed now ✨⁣ ⁣⁣ And happy to announce the 3 night give away with my friends buildwithferguson ✨ I loaded up as ma
1 week ago
3 frands: Jorby, Sissy, and Maddie ✨
3 weeks ago
Today is the day! I finally get to give away a 3 night stay at the cabin we built with my friends from buildwithferguson ✨⁣ ⁣ How to enter: leav
3 weeks ago
Collect all the good stuff ya can’t buy ✨
3 weeks ago
Everyone’s week is gonna feel like this, I feel it ✨⁣ ⁣ Headed South today towards Nashville to see some old friends then out West to find my
3 weeks ago
Hey it’s me and my friend Maddie in a kayak ✨⁣ ⁣ I don’t put myself in front of the camera too often, I always been more keen on creating th
4 weeks ago
Can’t replace the love on of an old truck. There’s some simple honesty in an in-line 6 cylinder, 5 speed transmission, manual locking hubs, and cr
5 days ago
Had our first official Airbnb guests come stay this weekend in the cabin we built and they loved it ✨ I think it’s a really unique spot and experi
4 days ago
Stopped by my good pal shane.artistry studio in Nashville to pick up a new painting he created for the cabin ✨⁣ ⁣ I told him I want something bi
3 weeks ago
Thankful for little slices of joy in the daily ✨ thanks for following along as I’ve shared moments of our life over the years
1 week ago
Our print shop is live! Again! (and now with 90+% less errors)⁣ hit the tags in the images to order and help support us ✨ ⁣ We’re dreaming big
1 day ago

Modern Grid Layout

Display Your instagram feeds with this new advanced grid layout anywhere in your site.

Carousel Row Slider

Display Your instagram feeds as carousel row layout in your site.

Filter Layout - Round Filter Tile Layout

Display Your instagram feeds with filter based anywhere in your site.

10+ Hover Animations
Beautifully designed instagram feeds with different layouts and unique hover animations options.
  • Top to Bottom
  • Bottom to Top
  • Left To Right
  • Right To Left
  • Holy Shade
  • Crazy Laylia
  • Creative Overlay
  • Pleasure View
  • Sweet Marley
  • Fresh Bubba
  • Silly Chicho
  • Many More..
AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro - Hover animations
AccessPress Lightbox Advanced Options
Beautifully designed AccessPress Lightbox Popup with many extra options:
  • Show Comments , View More Comment Button Linked to specific Post Feeds
  • Display Social Share Icon (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus)
  • Supports Carousel Feeds Slider
  • Supports Tag Links
  • Comments Display & View More Comment Button
  • Image/Video/Slider Popup Display
  • Show Username, Profile Image, Description, Tag Links
  • Show Total Comment Count and total likes count.
  • Follow Button
AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro - AccessPress Custom Lightbox Features
Fetch your recent media, any user timeline and hashtag feeds.
Fetch instagram feeds as per your need. The available options for fetching feeds are recent media, any username timeline feeds and hashtag.
Accesspress Instagram Feed Pro - Fetch Feeds
43 different
layout to choose from
Options to choose from 43 different beautiful layouts - Masonry, Grid, circular or slider layouts to display your instagram feeds.
Accesspress Instagram Feed Pro - 15 Layouts
Instagram Follow Widget
Display your instagram follow widgets using widget section.
AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro - Instagram Follow Widget

Instagram feeds using shortcode

Display Your instagram feeds anywhere in the site using shortcodes.

AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro - Instagram Shortcode

More stunning features...

WooCommerce, BuddyPress & EDD compatible
Display Locations
Loader selection
15 different loader GIFs to select.
Shortcode Display Options
Load more feature
Showcase your instagram feeds more with load more feature for your personal feeds.
One click
Counter display formats
Display the numbers in 3 different formats.
Load Time
Fast load time
Fast loading
Translation ready
Translation ready
Translation ready plugin.
Multisite Compatible
Multisite Compatible
Compatible with multisite networks.
Social Share Options
Social Share Options
Enable/Disable Social Share such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest for each feeds.
Social Share Options
Rebuild Cache
Option to rebuild new cache and retrieve newly added instagram feeds.
AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro - Social Share Options
Carousel Slider In Popup
Supports Carousel Slider Image Feeds display on accesspress lightbox popup.
Social Share Options
Many Customization Options
Neccessary customization options required for different layouts and custom styling options.
Social Share Options
Hover Animations
16 Advanced hover animation for instagram feeds layout available.
Social Share Options
Backend Preview
Provides backend preview for your specific instagram feeds.
Social Share Options
Lightbox Extension
Enable/ Disable lightbox for image or content display on frontend.
Social Share Options
Our plugin supports various mobile devices so it will be no issue to view in any desktop and mobile devices.
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