How to create an Instagram Access Token Key

In order to get the Accesspress Instagram feed working with your own APP you need to get an Access Token. Below are the steps to get access token.

Please go to and click on register


Now click on register a New Client


Please enter the details of the app as shown below
Please note that the Website field should be your website and Please set the OAuth redirect_uri field to http://localhost
and please do not check Disable implicit Oath or Enforce signed header.



Now the app will be created successfully.

Now please go to below URL.
Pleaes replace the value of [CLIENT_ID_HERE] value with your app client id.[CLIENT_ID_HERE]&redirect_uri=http://localhost/&response_type=token&scope=public_content

A authorize box will appear and please authorize the app to access your basic info and public media.

After authorization you will be redirected to http://localhost/#access_token

Please copy the value of the access_token which is the required access token value for the plugin.

You can get your Instagram ID by copying the number before the first period, so the ID above would be 2158969664

Done !

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