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    I’ll start but I’m sharing on the go from my iPad amd I don’t have all my pics on the iPad so probably leaving earrings out but I’ll add them at a later time if people want to participate in the sharing of our dangles old and new. asked me quite a while ago to share some of my favorite earrings and so here I am. Better late than never. While I love stud earrings on others they just don’t look good on me so all my earrings are dangle earrings. Most of them antique earrings but for the purpose of this thread I’d love to include all dangle/drop earrings. So please indulge me and share all your dangle earrings. Everyday and special occasions. Share them all here please.

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    These deserve another photo but I think I’m at my max allowed in the post. If there are any earrings anyone would like more photos of I’ll do my best to take more. This pair I had reproduced as the originals sold before I could snap them up. I love these and they’re different than the originals but in the same spirit if you kwim.

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    I love all your earrings @missy. They are so beautiful. You and I have similar hair and I have to wear it pulled back or up to see them. Sometimes I want to cut it short so I can see them but then I come to my senses.

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    Thanks red! My hair is one of the banes of my existence but I sure hope it doesn’t all fall out. I don’t have a face that would look good with a bald head. Wish I did cause then I’d shave my head immediately lol.

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    Awww thanks so much Alex! Yes the Grace pair is super light and so comfy just like I need my earrings to be. I only know they’re there when I ever so gently shake my head to check. I love the feel of dangles. Any chance you could share some of your lovely earrings? I am hoping to see others lovely collections. I just don’t know who has dangles and who doesn’t because they don’t seem popular on PS. Studs are the more classic popular choice but I’m hoping there are some dangles that will be shared.

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    I know exactly what you mean. 😀
    Sadly I cannot share most of my dangle collection because they are not natural stones and I would not want to get in any trouble for posting things against the policies of this forum. I did get these Freshadamas for Christmas from my boys though.

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    I only have one pair of dangles 😳 They are an antique solitaire in 18ct yellow gold & were the only gift from my ex that I didn’t sell on after I met my husband. I am a cr@p photographer but will pop & get a shot for you..No idea on diamond specs by the way. They came from an antique dealer in Wellington where we lived, and the diamonds measure 5mm each.

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    Missy, you have a lovely collection! And redwood66, I love those pearls!
    I have a pair similar to one of yours, Missy, DiamondZone/Ivy & Rose made them for me two years ago:

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    Bring deep royal blue color into your ring stack with the extraordinary brilliance of sapphire Gemstone Jewellery. Seven sapphires alternate between eight diamonds, all claw-set in bright 14k white gold. Due to this ring’s delicate nature, we do not recommend for daily wear and are unable to resize or repair.

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