Shortcodes & Widgets


You can use shortcode for the display of the specific page reviews in the contents.  The reviews will be displayed with a specified id parameter and its layout options.

Note: Please use shortcodes on Text tab of WP-editor instead of Visual tab.

Example 1: [ wpfrs_reviews id=’4’ ]

Available shortcode parameters: Available shortcode parameters:
  • id: This parameter is a specific attribute for specific location reviews.
  • review_template: Our plugin contains altogether 10 pre-designed template layouts. You can pass reviews template layout using shortcode by using review_template='template-1' or review_template='template-4' and so on as parameter on shortcode.
  • badge_template: You can even change the template of badge parameter as badge_template="badge-template-2" to display different badge template beside the specified default template for specific page using the shortcode.
  • show_badge: You can even change enable or disable badge display on frontend by passing the parameter as show_badge="1" to display a badge and show_badge="0" to hide badge as page information using the shortcode. e.g.,

    [ wpfrs_reviews id=’4’ ]

  • show_reviews: You can even change enable or disable to show or hide reviews parameter as show_reviews="1" to display reviews and show_reviews="0" to hide it using the shortcode

    [ wpfrs_reviews id=’4’ show_reviews=’0’ ].

  • number_reviews: You can display the number of reviews as per you wish by adding number_reviews on shortcode parameter.
Example 1.1: Show Reviews with template 2 and show badge, hide rate us button: [ wpfrs_reviews id=’5’ review_template=’template-2′ badge_template=’badge-template-3′ number_reviews=’3’ ]

From Reviews

Example 1.2: Show Reviews with template 3 and hide badge: [ wpfrs_reviews id=’5’ review_template=’template-3′ badge_template=’badge-template-6′ show_badge_animation='0'  show_badge=’0’ ]