WP Comment Designer
Design WordPress Comments & Comment Form
  • - 15 Attractive Templates For Comment/Comment Form
  • - Custom Fields For Comment Form
  • - Rearrangeable Comment Fields
  • - Replace Plain Comment Area With WYSIWYG Editor
  • - Frontend Comment Sorting
  • - Paginate Comments
15 Pre Designed Attractive Layouts For Comments Section
Select any of the 15 pre available designs and see your comment section change instantly
* Pre Designed Attractive Layout for Comments
5 Advanced Custom Fields For Comment Form
Add as many fields to your comment form. Also, both default and custom fields are sortable.
  • Text Field
  • Text Area
  • Radio Button
  • Select Option
  • Check Box
7 Pre Deesigned Layouts for the emojis
Simple and User-Friendly Backend Design
Clean, well designed and easy to use backend interface with various configuration, display and customization options
WP Comment Designer