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1. UI/UX Design & Creative
05 Dec 2017
In an unprecedented convergence of people, business and things that disrupts existing business models, even those born of the Web business era. Enterprises seeking a digital edge transform processes, business models and the customer experience by exploiting digital connections.

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2. What are Supplementary Materials? How should I prepare them?
05 Dec 2017
3. How do I refer to supplementary materials in a manuscript?
05 Dec 2017

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Faculty-Science FAQ

Can I submit an image for consideration as the cover of Science?
Yes. Our manuscript submission and information portal includes a field for uploading auxiliary files, and cover candidates can be submitted here. The cover is usually related to a particularly significant Report or Research Article in the issue, or to the contents of a special issue. Images from significant papers that are striking to the nonspecialist have the best chance of being chosen. Images that cannot be used on the cover may be chosen for use on our table of contents or in the "This Week in Science" section.

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How do I submit a manuscript to Science?
To whom should I direct my manuscript?

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Should I take Further Maths A-level?
Yes, we generally expect students who have the opportunity to take Further Maths A-level to do so, although we understand that some students may only discover a love of mathematics in Year 12 and so only be able to take Further Maths to AS-level. We have some extension material for Single A-level Mathematicians, however we do recommend that students intending to study Mathematics at the University of Oxford take Further Maths as a full A-level.

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What preparation should I do for the MAT/is there any recommended reading?
Which college should I visit during the open days?

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I took the full Maths A-level in Year 12, rather than AS Maths and Further Maths, is this okay?
05 October,2017
Yes, we have no problem with students taking the full Maths A-level in Year 12 and will count the A* achieved as going towards your conditional offer. We would then make you an offer based on you taking Further Maths in Year 13 (as a full A-level) and one other A-level.

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Can I have extra time for the MAT?
09 August,2017
Should I take a fourth A-level?
02 December,2017

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What is My Disney Experience?
06 December,2017
My Disney Experience is the area of disneyworld.com where registered Guests are able to:
  • View and update profiles
  • View reservations and vacation packages
  • View and plan daily itineraries
  • See Disney PhotoPass photos taken during visits to Walt Disney World Resort
  • Add or remove people from Family & Friends lists
If you haven't already created a Disney account, you will need to create one to access My Disney Experience. Creating an account is fast and easy!t and easy!

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What happens when someone accepts my Family & Friends invitation for My Disney Experience?
09 August,2017
How do you recommend that I begin to plan my trip to Walt Disney World Resort?
21 November,2017