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Build Elegant Notification Bar for your WordPress website.
What do this plugin do?
This plugin allows you to create single notification bar with 5 pre availbale templates or custom design layout. For custom design our plugin provides all necessary customization options. It provides features to display single notification bar with middle advanced components among 5. You can display notification bar with static text , multiple text with call to action button if needed, subscribe custom form, recent posts slider or ticker or scroller effects, multiple social icons or simply display attractive search form to make user easy to search or notify your website visitors about your new releases, offers, messages, news or provide ability to contact users directly using subscribe form or contact form components display on bar and many more.
Does this plugin provide features to display notification on only on home page?
Yes, you can display this single notification bar only on home page or on all pages basis.
Can this plugin be used in multiple sites?
Yes, you can use this plugin in your individual projects.
Is this plugin compatible with all themes?
Yes, this plugin is compatible with all themes which have followed the wordpress theme development standards.
Does this plugin affect the site load?
No, It will not affect the loading of the site in anyways.
Do I have to have HTML and CSS Knowledge?
No you don't need to have knowledge of HTML and CSS unless if you want custom works other than the pre designed templates.
How do I use the apex notification bar lite plugin?
You just need to enable plugin from its general settings tab section and set one components for notification bar from backend components settings and choose the bar position as top or top fixed or bottom as per your requirement while creating notification bar and set visibility (show always, show after some time or hide after some time) and control settings(disable button, close button or show/hide(toggle) button).